What Great Social Media Campaigns Get Right

good article on how to get your social media campaigns right…


Vintage ads…the Monday Friday Special…

Good morning, how are we all doing this amazing Monday Friday? What is a Monday -Friday you ask?

A Monday- Friday is a Monday followed by a public holiday, just like today. So the public holiday takes away all the Monday blues and you have a Monday Friday. So yesterday on Citizen they ran a clip of some vintage ads, ads from back in the day when some of us were young…

To say the truth, some of these ads are the ones that encouraged me to follow a career in Advertising…


i should indicate however that the classic ads conversation started right here on Wamathai’s blog



New Website…

Like all agencies once in a while we do want to improve how our website looks like. So we get all excited with grand plans on how we can get it done and craft award winning text for the same. We start working on it but alas, we get projects that are super urgent and important and we put our project on the back burner…

Guess even agencies need other agencies to do for them their branding work as doing it inhouse, it keeps getting shifted as the client work piles up. So currently our website has an under construction page…http://brandspark.co.ke/coming_soon/

But you can always get in touch with us by downloading our company profile from our site. 

Hopefully we will be back soon.Brandspark Credentials_2014

Weight Loss for Mums…a book by Janet Mwendwa Kibuthu

My very good friend Janet published this book about Weightloss for Moms, highlighting her personal experiences. it’s a very good book and I would recommend you buy it.


“Soon after pregnancy, especially for first time mothers, it feels like the whole world is focusing on you and expecting you to go on a quick fix weight loss regimen. This is especially if you had accumulated excessive weight during the pregnancy. Losing weight after birth was a struggle for me. It seemed unattainable and it threatened every sphere of my life. Nonetheless, I purposed not only to shed off the excess weight gain but also conquer the battle to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The journey started with a weight loss goal and grew in to something more valuable. The treasures in this book are the discoveries I made along that journey. I want to share these with all mothers in the same struggle. Sustainable weight management is something each one of us can learn as we adapt small gradual changes into our lifestyle. This book offers a spiritual and practical guide filled with real experiences to spur you towards your journey. Are you ready to make a lifelong commitment to be fit and healthy?”

We are back…really we are back!!!

Happy New Year, well we have been quite lost but as we say in Kenya “ni hali ya job.” Anyway 2013 is gone and along comes 2014 with new promises and a clean slate for us to continue doing what we love and what we are good at. Its been quite the interesting journey and last year we turned 3 years old. Yes we have been doing this for 3 years and we are still going strong, with some high’s and lows along the way.

So what have we learn’t in those 3 years? Well Michelle Ntalami expains it very well on her blog as by the link below


Its a good read and i hope you enjoy the entrepreneurial tips.

We promise not to be too lost this time…

Who exactly are the Kenyan middle class?

A few weeks ago i was having an interesting discussion with a group of friends about the Kenyan middle class. Much of the discussion was drawn from this particular article that had appeared in the Daily Nation some weeks back which had attempted to explain who the Kenyan middle class is. The link to the article is as below


I had big issues with the article, due to the classification of who we consider to be middle class. In advertising we would classify the Obure interviewed for the story as upper class or an A when you look at it from a social economic class classification. Unfortunately classification of a target audience using social economic class only took into consideration the income of the primary bread winner especially when households now have multiple incomes.The social economic classes were A, B, C1, C2, D, E.

Clearly using the social economic classes method of audience classification was not going to work especially with the growth in population and the rise of advertising in Kenya. So the Kenya Audience Research Foundation was formed and from around 2008, the Living Standard Measure (LSM) method of audience classification was introduced. LSM is a way of segmenting people based on their access to, and use of a wide range of products and services. A composite index is derived from a range of variables (products& services) that sum up the consumption and affordability status (and hence the living standard) of an individual. LSMs are a measure of affluence & development.

LSM explained

So a look at LSM shows that the middle class range from LSM 7-12 and that would range from upper to lower middle class. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the Kenyan middle class can be defined as anyone spending between Sh23,670 and Sh 199,999 per month. Africa Development Bank however classifies the middle class as anybody with an annual income exceeding Sh331,500 ($3,900) or who spends between Sh170 ($2) and Sh1,700 ($20) a day.

I am more inclined to go with the with the Kenya bureau of Standards classification for the Kenyan scenario meaning that the guy interviewed in the Nation article is actually upper class by Kenyan standards. I would actually say that Obure is LSM 14 -15. As explained by the future capital blog http://futurecapitalkenya.blogspot.com/2011/03/who-are-middle-class.html an understanding of the middle class is very critical as they are the engine of growth in any economy. How the will influence the upcoming elections though, is yet to be seen…