this May at Mavuno dome


Taste of Daynjah challenges Makmende

Clearly this guys have unearthed a gold mine with this makmende character and for all you brand managers out there, this is what we call an idea with legs.

See what happens when Taste of Daynjah kidnaps Gaetano and Eve De Souza…

good stuff – our first very own Kenyan hero…Makmende!!!

Is France Telkom justified or are they just a sore loser?

So France Telkom fires a salvo at the goverment about the purchase of Telkom Kenya 2 years ago. I wonder if they are justified since there is the aspect of due dilligence before purchase of the stake. I also think France Telkom hasnt quite figured out the market, and Safaricom are very good at what they do. Even with tighter regulation, i still think Safaricom will still be very far ahead.