Pepsi’s new Football ad…too deadly

Dont you just think that the guys who are not the official sponsors always have the best ads?


Macdonald mariga’s work permit denied!!!

Well after such a media storm especially here in Kenya, seems macdonald mariga wont be joining Man City in this transfer window after his work permit was denied due to the fact that Kenya is not among the top 70 nations in Fifa rankings. Kenya is currently at number 98 in the rankings, no thanks to the foolish KFF and the similarly absolutely stupid FKL!!! Our very first Kenyan in the Premier League but can’t due to our rankings which are quite bad thanks to the above named 2 organization.

In this case i blame Kasuve and Co. who should never ever run anything remotely football related for as long as they live. Its all your fault!!!

Cameroon lose to Gabon in Afcon!!

I really watched this game awaiting to see how the highly rated Cameroon team would whitewash the lowly and not to well known Gabon team. I guess the only Gabon player alot of Kenyans knew was Daniel Cousin of Hull City fame and due to the fact that he scored a good goal against Arsenal last year.

Well for a fact, Cameroon adds to the category of all the top teams that were rated to make it in this tournament but like the Nigerian’s, Algerians and Cote ‘de voire they have failed to sparkle against perceived lowly opposition, and this are all the teams going to the World Cup.

Guess tomorrow will find out if Ghana will be able to redeem themselves when they face the Drogba lead team Cote de voire.
No wonder i love this game!!!